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ALISON: Historia del Mundo - El ascenso del fascismo

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Latest Comments

  • KADIJAH REAMS United States of America So did Americans Americanize the word Fascism and created Racism?
    2015-03-21 19:03:29

  • KADIJAH REAMS United States of America I guess Benito Mussolini thought that if he partner up with Hitler, then maybe he'll be famous! Well, sorry Benito if I didn't take this course I would have never heard of you!
    2015-03-21 19:03:18

  • Erica Trujillo United States of America How long did it last?
    2014-11-29 23:11:01

  • Sharon Bushell United States of America Were the powers in Europe (later to be known as Allies) unaware of the dangers of the rise of Fascism?
    2014-07-27 00:07:12

    • Matthew Hudson United Kingdom The Allied powers were fine with the idea of dictatorships in Europe. Russia had been under Communist rule since 1917. Europe as a whole didn't want a war and so chose to see the best in the likes of Hitler and Mussolini. The Allies thought that all European powers would want to avoid the horror of war.
      2014-08-09 16:08:30
  • K. Tutein Virgin Islands (U.S) Did Hitler's Party and Mussolini Party although their ideologies were similar had any disagreements or made themselves distinct on any particular issue, strategy or beliefs?
    2014-07-25 11:07:53

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