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Comments about Módulo 3: Trastorno por déficit de atención con hiperactividad (TDAH) - Estudiantes de la enseñanza con TDAH

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- Module: Módulo 3: Trastorno por déficit de atención con hiperactividad (TDAH)
- Topic: Estudiantes de la enseñanza con TDAH
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Latest Comments

  • Aliaa Yousef Egypt Breaking down tasks into manageable chunks.that Strategy is very uesful
    2015-03-15 09:03:03

  • Loretha Bivens United States of America how early can a child be tested to reduce their chances of failing in school
    2015-02-07 10:02:00

  • Loretha Bivens United States of America Ritial help student pay better attention in class
    2015-02-07 10:02:36

  • Carmen Huth Korea; Republic of Having a set routine with classroom activities will also help ADHD and ADD students. This will add to the consistency and predictability of his/her school day. In terms of medication, they state that Ritalin's long-term effects are uncertain. Thus, some parents may also opt for the natural medications that are available for concentration difficulties. These of course, also, may or may not work for the student (same as Ritalin). Taking another approach, would be for the student and parents to work through his/her ADD/ADHD together. This depends on the students age and maturity. Introducing the implications of what it means to have ADD/ADHD and introducing strategies to the student on how he/she can own the problem and try and control it (and/or having the student to come up with strategies him/herself) can also be a possible strategy in reducing the problem.
    2015-02-03 04:02:27

  • LadyyRjHere!! 12.20.13RESTUP #TRUSTNONE #NEVER TRUST A FAKE BITCH!! #RNS United States of America this course is extremely helpful to me because i have been diagnosed with ADHD since i was 5 years old and im 17 now so this information is helpful to me
    2015-01-30 15:01:28

  • Ritah Kisakye Uganda Involving students with ADHD to come up strategies on how they will take their medication is very important because then they feel more responsible with their lives the fact that they decided to come up with ways on how help themselves. I love this
    2014-12-19 10:12:23

  • Ashley Sliwa United States of America I think it is important to remember that every child or person reacts differently to drugs. This may work for some students, but not all. We do not want the children to be zombies either. Everyone reacts differently to medication, so it may be a trial and error approach.
    2014-11-24 21:11:10

    • LadyyRjHere!! 12.20.13RESTUP #TRUSTNONE #NEVER TRUST A FAKE BITCH!! #RNS United States of America true because i was taking so much different medications when i was 5 based on my ADHD disorder and i was always zimbified
      2015-01-30 15:01:45
  • Eva Cant Gibraltar Diet can also be very important when managing and living with ADHD.
    2014-09-12 08:09:03

    • John Daddie Mensah Ghana u could be right
      2014-10-31 15:10:55
  • Yvonne Richardson United Kingdom there are not many studies that relate to side effects of long term use of these drugs
    2014-06-25 14:06:22

  • Shadrick Thompson United States of America What are the side effects from taking Ritalin over a period of years?
    2014-06-16 14:06:14

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