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ALISON: Introducción al sistema Cardiovascular

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Comments about Módulo 1: Introducción al sistema Cardiovascular - Introducción a los sistemas circulatorio

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Latest Comments

  • aaa
    Catherine Mayet Australia The cardiovascular system distributes various elements to the key organs and other parts of the body like nutrients, oxygen, hormones, wastes, and fluids.
    2015-04-09 11:04:01

  • aaa
    Ian Jones United Kingdom Circulatory system deals with nutrients, oxygen, waste substances, hormones, renewal and removal of fluids.
    2015-03-27 22:03:01

  • aaa
    Tyrone Ebanks Cayman Islands On the other side of the world it's the same --Can't read the material and some is missing too so back to island time (lol)
    2015-03-23 20:03:14

  • aaa
    KEISHA DUNSTAN United States of America It is very informative in explanation. Thanks for the hard work. - Keisha D.
    2015-03-12 14:03:47

  • aaa
    Margeurite Herbert Saint Vincent Hello someone,anyone, how do i get access to the actual infomation that i need to study? Have been trying but not getting through.
    2015-03-02 20:03:23

    • aaa
      Tyrone Ebanks Cayman Islands just keep trying Island Girl, That's what I have been doing
      2015-03-23 20:03:58
  • aaa
    basma mohammed Egypt How can I know l passed.?????
    2015-02-01 11:02:05

  • aaa
    basma mohammed Egypt The cardiovascular system is made by heart,blood vessels
    2015-02-01 11:02:57

  • aaa
    Eman Mechael United States of America The human cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood vessels and blood supply. These act as one system to supply vital oxygen, nutrients, and hormones to tissues and remove carbon dioxide and metabolic waste products.
    2014-12-17 16:12:52

  • aaa
    Micheál Killarney Ireland Anyone wondering how to complete the course you just need to scroll down the page and click on notes. It'll give you all the information
    2014-11-08 15:11:26

    • aaa
      alzahraa badr Egypt how can i pass the module and the mark become green athough i already finished it but the mark still red?thanks .
      2014-12-17 15:12:12
  • aaa
    Collette Mcgahen United States of America you need google chrome or modzilla to be able to open and make progress in these studies. internet explorer wont work properly for these.
    2014-10-22 07:10:22

  • aaa
    Theresa Dillard United States of America I cannot get to the material. What do i need to have?
    2014-09-11 17:09:57

    • aaa
      Emma Swain United Kingdom Hmmmmm I started this course last week, now I return and it has not remembered my progresscand I have to start from scratch. Also the material will no longer load
      2014-10-11 02:10:06
  • aaa
    Kimberly Wise United States of America What are you suppose to ask a question about when I can't get to the material.
    2014-09-02 03:09:00

  • aaa
    Ali Khater Saudi Arabia how i complete this course
    2014-08-27 17:08:41

  • aaa
    albert mata Albania how does it work because i cant reach the material
    2014-08-26 20:08:20

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