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ALISON: Biología - herencia

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Comments about Módulo 1: Herencia en animales y plantas - Introducción a la herencia

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- Module: Módulo 1: Herencia en animales y plantas
- Topic: Introducción a la herencia
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Latest Comments

  • June Howell United Kingdom what kind of hereditary traits can animals get from their parents??
    2014-07-02 11:07:12

    • Sohrab Ahmed India only germinal variation
      2014-12-18 05:12:29
    • vasu penneru United Arab Emirates All living things share their characters from the parents, like hair color, skin color, eye color, hair, height, body structure, dentition, as all these characters are transferred through sexual reproduction, in which there is exchange of genetic make up between the two parents.
      2014-08-03 08:08:07
    • Katherine Mcardle United Kingdom Fur colour, height, tooth length, ear shape. Any physical characteristics that you can see are from parents
      2014-07-04 15:07:52
  • Caitlin Gaz United Kingdom Is it possible for animals to be heterozygous?
    2014-06-22 21:06:29

    • Katherine Mcardle United Kingdom Yes, everything can be homo or heterozygous. Even plants
      2014-07-04 15:07:32
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