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ALISON: Habilidades básicas de estudio

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Latest Comments

  • Anna Mathew Papua New Guinea I also cannot open the page
    2015-01-29 12:01:29

  • Pauline Ebangha Agbor Cameroon i cant open the study page. please need help
    2015-01-29 06:01:31

  • Saurabh Gupta India excellent
    2015-01-21 08:01:42

  • Kim Powell United Kingdom There are many ways of learning.Everyone uses a different method of teaching themselves.
    2015-01-21 01:01:04

  • Avinash Solnki India I am basic topic
    2015-01-19 06:01:54

  • Khen Sroem Cambodia In order to be successful in learning. I think we have to pay attention in all kinds of lessons consequenely.
    2015-01-16 14:01:53

  • Ephraim Dafiaghor Nigeria I'm not seeing any content under these topics, can someone help please.
    2015-01-15 23:01:36

  • Sarita Jones United States of America I think I am more of all 3 of the learning styles. I like to look and see how something is done. I also like doing what needs to be done. Listening to how something is done that also catches my attention. Hopefully, I will find out what learning style really works for me.
    2015-01-14 07:01:04

  • Yuan Lin Belize It's well defined but I really couldn't read the few words at the end of the line.
    2015-01-09 23:01:04

  • Divine Gift Nigeria Learning with skill brings progress
    2015-01-09 06:01:39

  • Divine Gift Nigeria Basic study skills build up learning styles
    2015-01-09 06:01:14

  • Evelyn Mkangi Kenya looking. listening and doing - 3 ways of learning
    2015-01-08 11:01:44

  • Aubrey Talingting Philippines It's better to use the 3 main learning styles,It is depend to the situation we will have.
    2015-01-07 08:01:17

  • sidra tariq Pakistan out of 3 learning style:looking, listening, and doing most appropriate is third one' doing'' as practice makes the men perfect
    2015-01-03 15:01:50

    2014-12-31 21:12:09

  • TIFFANY SWEETING United States of America How do you help seek a good education
    2014-12-29 17:12:20

  • TIFFANY SWEETING United States of America Good way to help people out
    2014-12-29 16:12:20

  • ROQUE TREVINO United States of America Nice refresher study, To the point.
    2014-12-09 23:12:26

  • Ann Campbell Spain Basic study skills help to consolidate a particualar method or combination of learning styles. As there are different approaches to learning, for some individual a visual approach functions well. Whereas other individuals have a disposition that by undertaking actions or tasks will assist in the acquisition of the information required to facilitate the learning process. Another style is that of listening .
    2014-11-29 21:11:31

    • Ansar Raza Pakistan Yeah You are right
      2015-01-04 22:01:37
  • Seema Sahajlan United Kingdom I'm not able to play any course on my mobile phone. ..
    2014-11-19 19:11:06

    • NoHa Mahmoud Egypt Me too
      2014-12-04 21:12:24
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